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Posted on September 15, 2010 at 3:49 PM

Dear Reader:

If you have been to before you will notice that it is completely changed. The look is different. There are many new images: in fact two-thirds of the images are new! We now have a blog (big surprise ,since you are reading it). And articles. I can update very easily so now will be able to keep up to date on a regular basis , something I couldn’t do before due to the updating difficulty involved.

So how did all this happen? I had no intentions of ending up with a whole new website. But back in August a lady alerted me that my old website was offline. I checked and sure enough, only the homepage was up. I reported that and the web designer got it back up. However all the updates since it started back in 2006 were lost. All that work for nothing.

So, grump, grump.. I picked up myself up, dusted myself offand started in on a major overhaul of everything, every portfolio, and all thetext, getting everything up to date, intending to update all on the old website.Seven weeks of full time work. Then as I started in trying to upload the filesfor the revised portfolios, I made a horrifying discovery. When I tried to upload images, for some reason it was hard to get images to stay up or to get there at all with the FTP facility that they recommended I use for it, which is not user friendly to say the least (Filezilla , in case you want to know). Two days of work on one small portfolio completely disappeared like it had never existed , on the 3rd day!  At this rate I would never succeed to update the site. The software I was obliged to use to organize the images was very confusing. My tech person was telling me to do one thing, while doing another himself, then complaining when I tried to clarify. I was tearing my hair out , ready for the nuthouse. Enough was enough.Time to move.  

So I set up this new website, a DIY, with and moved the hosting to them while keeping the registry of the Domain where it was. The domain is the same, the emails the same, which is great for all my existing contacts.

To my delight and great relief, I have found fantastic to work with. The software is WYSIWYG, which is great as I am not a HTML person. Almost everything is idiot-proof, or close to it, and very fast. In hours I was doing what would have taken days, even weeks (or impossible) with the old site. And very inexpensive for hosting and support, which is 24/7, not that I have needed it much. They are polite, easy to access, and very helpful.. I have to use one of their templates, but I like the one I chose from hundreds on offer. I am using the same template for so that the 2 websites coordinate. (It was possible and easy to change the template I had been using.) I absolutely recommend (and I am not getting paid to say that)!..

Now, what will I do with this blog, now that I have it up?

1.      Photo tips for shutterbugs.

2.      Stories re some of my images and travels.

3.      Discussion of issues relating to photography asa hobby or business.

Stay tuned. 


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